Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thing #15 Future of libraries

No one can deny that change is inevitable in this life. The library as we know it today is far different than the library of yesterday. I can remember as a young person walking into the town library, of two rooms in an old victorian house. I was thrilled to be there, able to choose my books, sometimes with the help of one librarian--the only person working there. Today it has all changed, and tomorrow it will continue, and at a rapid pace. We have to move ahead without losing the heart of the library, caring and serving. We have to have something for everyone, and we must meet their needs as they expect us to , and in the way that is best for each individual. Yes, we are bold, and we are brave, and we will get the job done, because we absolutely must. I am excited about the future. I expecially enjoyed the perspective, Away From Icebergs.

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