Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Southern stingray----Belize

I was so excited to find this photo. I was fortunate enough to spend some time at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Belize a few years ago. Swimming along with these amazing creatures is something very difficult to put into words. They are graceful, and when you touch them, they feel like velvet. The current there is very strong, and the swim was challenging, especially since there had just been a storm. I will never forget this adventure, and would like to return.


Dances With Keyboards said...

Good job labeling your posts!

Email me if you have any questions, or call, or you can schedule some time with me in the training lab here in Abingdon, if your branch's schedule will allow.


Deb said...

Wow what a great picture and love the information that you passed along. Love hearing about other people's adventures!